Kamis, 19 September 2013

Radio BE 107.0 FM Batam

Listening streaming Radio BE 107.0 FM Batam

Streamin Radio BE 107.0 FM Batam

Your Family Station,Listen and enjoy our 24 hours broadcast with special programs only on BE 107 FM | Your Family Station.
BE 107.0 FM Batam will always give best to all BE Friends,
BE 107.0 FM Radio is a stand-private radio broadcasting since 8 March 1993. Radio BE 107 FM Batam studios are in the midst of busy city of Batam, precisely on Jl. Yos Sudarso, Sei Panas.
Supported by good devices, and the experienced crews who make us excited about presenting and entertaint with fun for 24 hours straight without stopping.
Call sign : BE Friend
Coverage area :
Batam, Bintan, Balai Karimun, Singapore & Johor Bahru ( Malaysia )

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BE 107 FM Your Family Station :
Studio : Komplek Starpage (Ramco) Jl. Yos Sudarso, Sei Panas, Batam
Telpon : 0778 – 453160,
SMS/Line 0819 678 107
Website : http://www.be107fm.com

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